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Get over the usual way of watching and playing sports! WTF Sports Bar is the ultimate destination where you can watch or playyour favorite sport amidst trance music and scrumptious treats. An unparalleled range of games including football, pool and hammer smash combined with unlimited drinking and dining to provide you with an exhilarating gaming experience. WTF is reinventing the way a sport is enjoyed and is all set to raise the bar of entertainment in Jaipur.

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WTF is a Unique concept and of One of its kind Sports Bar. that has been designed to allow the customers to experience something close to the feel of attending a live sports event. It is high on all sports action playing live or recorded at the sports bar. From mouth watering delicacies toinnovative beer & wine cocktails, crazy combos, exotic food delicacies, live hi-frenzy music, Stand-up comedy and superbly engaging drinking games; WTF has it all. The entire ambience is to be attended to be believed. The Page 3 audience is the one to invade this eagerly awaited hospitality and entertainment experience.

WTF will feature a lot of celebrities and have super-deals for corporate clients.

Hot & Spicy

The Hotelierz is not very large, but is known for being an awesome place to waste away a night or day of big match-ups - so for more notable games.

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Unique Concept


The Hotelierz is not the place you go to for great food or great ambience.We've got the best everything, Experience with The Hotelierz !

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Electric Atmosphere

And The Games Begin!

Sports bar glory is possible - you just have to know where to find it. .... The Hotelierz dream..with awesome memorabilia covering.

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