Cafe Cabana

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Welcome to The Cafe Cabana

It is the homely cafe that is right into your township. With an easy atmosphere and simple set-up, it becomes an accessible jaunt for the locals. A township cafe helps the residents in socializing and provides a relaxing opportunity too. Well..!Cafe Cabana has it all. What more, its your own cafe that enables you to party whenever you want to.


About Cafe Cabana

How cool is this!

This is a radical, but extremely handy concept of an café -in-your-township, under the name of Café Cabana. Enjoy the flavor and atmosphere of a café next to your home with Café Cabana. We are a chain of cafes located in several residential apartments. We provide an assortment of snacks and beverages at highly affordable prices. Our first café is already y running at Manglam’s Ananda and few more are slated to open at several other locations including Aroma and Arpan in Mansarovar and Rangoli Gardens. Café Cabana is your ultimate hangout place where you will be treated with savory flavors of assorted dishes and refreshing drinks. It also has kitty parties and birthday parties celebrated on a regular basis. It ensures that members of the society break the ice easily and get together, creating a positive vibe about the property / township. It value adds to the property features and helps both pre-sell and post-sell the real-estate project.

Café Cabana @ Rangoli Gardens & @ Aroma & Arpan

  • Cafe Cabana is already operational at Mangalam’s Aananda project in Jaipur. It gives the local residents an opportunity to gather at this venue and share a meal and chat, casually.

    It is managed by the Hotelierz with its signature professionalism and services. The kitchen set-up and other restaurant operations are conducted by them.

    While it serves tea, coffee, easy snacks, shakes and smoothies for now, given due notice, it is fairly equipped to serve a larger number of guests as well.

    It is a very promising concept and is already a big hit with the locals who have experienced it. It looks to multiply very soon in similar environments. Rangoli gardens and Aashapurna are amongst them.

    The commercials involved are very small and more than affordable for both the township builders and the clients visiting the cafe.

    It adds to the net-worth of the property in terms of an added facility. It serves as an attraction for builders to pre-sell and promote their real-estate project.

    Cafe Cabana has the promise of an indigenous and standardized delivery of food serving outfit that can gradually transform into a brand by itself.

    The concept of Cafe Cabana is entertainment, relaxation, savoury and convenience all rolled into one. It is surely more than value for money.