About Us

We are at our best, while Serving You.


Founded in 2014, the Hotelierz Group is an abode of impeccable hospitality and responsive services.

The Hotelierz is a complete solution chain for the hotel owners, our esteemed guests, travel agents, event managers, corporate etc. We go the extra mile to provide our partners, guests and clients with the finest hotel management solutions and efficient services. Comfortable stays, delectable delicacies and festive events, coupled with an inviting ambience, we consistently strive to make every moment a special one for you. We have various verticals operating managing the business of hospitality with expertise, under one umbrella.

Our Mission is to deliver the best in the business of hospitality,food and beverage, events, accommodation and restaurant management to both our clients and guests alike. We aim at maintaining the highest standards in all our managed verticals and business associations. We actualize your vision into reality and profit-making.

We have a vision to be identified as a leader in the business of providing hospitality solutions, catering, event management and restaurant management. We intend to be a force that is recognized for its proficiency, value-additions and credibility across the world. We see a dream where unexplored and unexperienced experiences are created to surprise the world of hospitality and widen the scope of consumer engagement.

The guest is above everything for us. We invariably endeavour to make the guest’s association with us, a never-to-forget-experience. We strive to leave a telling impression on the guest with any service rendered by us. Our philosophy is that our value contribution has to exceed price and the client’s patronage is prime for us. Care and fulfillment supercede instead of delivery of services for us at Hotelierz.

The employees are our strength. They are best business amabassadors. We invest in training with them and giving them our trust to receive back theirs. They are trained with an element of serving with pride. Their well-being and state-of-happiness while working with us ensures that they pass on the same warmth with the hospitality they offer to our guests / clients further. We believe in creating a work ethic that is professional, proficient and patronizing. Our employees set our standards and we partner them in raising the bar of hospitality and service.